"Nobody Knows What Her Positions Are"

By Morning Fizz July 7, 2009

fizz331) NOTE: This post has been updated with new fundraising numbers from the campaigns..

PubliCola met yesterday with the Democratic candidates for KC Exec (you can check out our endorsements in a couple of weeks). Although the four Dems clearly enjoyed sparring with each other over wonkish details of county government, what really got them riled up was frontrunning Republican Susan Hutchison, the former KIRO anchor. KC Council members Larry Phillips and Dow Constantine were particularly vociferous—at one point, Phillips bellowed, "Nobody KNOWS what her positions are because she doesn't talk! That's why I crashed her press conference!"

But state rep Ross Hunter made the most direct pitch for why he should get the nod to run against her, claiming that he's got more money on hand for his county exec race than Hutchison. (Money will be even more important than usual in a race against a popular, high-profile former TV anchor who's likely to put most of her cash into TV commercials). This morning, Hunter released campaign fundraising numbers showing that he has raised more money than the three other Democrats in June and July.

Phillips has more cash on hand than Hunter (thanks in part to transfers from previous campaigns), but Hunter has only spent about $4,000 so far, according to the Public Disclosure Commission. Hutchison, meanwhile, has about $120,000 on hand.

2) Historical footnote to the news we reported yesterday about Rep. Jay Inslee's (D-1) bill to to save indie web broadcasters: Inslee's bill is the first piece of legislation with a member of the Washington state delegation's name on it as the lead sponsor to be signed by President Obama.

3) Former KC Exec Ron Sims may have a big, important job now (deputy director of HUD under Obama), but the man (an early Twitter adopter) can't stop tweeting: In the last three days, he's updated his page more than 40 times (including a tweet about PubliCola!)

4) Richard Conlin, who's up for reelection but has just one opponent (super-long-shot David Ginsberg) will ask the council to appoint him council president for a second term.

5) Food Fizz: Love-it-or-hate-it Cafe Stellina—about whose food I once wrote, "[the entrees] ranged from ranged from vaguely icky to downright stomach-turning (... hominy tinged with the taste of burned Teflon)—has closed.

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