Muni League Releases Candidate Evaluations

By Erica C. Barnett July 23, 2009

[caption id="attachment_10237" align="alignleft" width="145" caption="Joe Mallahan"]Joe Mallahan[/caption]The Municipal League of King County—a major local good-government group—has released its candidate evaluations for this year's local primary and general elections.

The biggest surprise: Joe Mallahan, a T-Mobile executive who's running against Mayor Greg Nickels, was the only candidate in the mayor's race to receive a rating of "outstanding," the Muni League's highest rating. Nickels, who received an outstanding rating during his last campaign in 2005, only received "very good" this time around—a significant blow.

In the race for county executive, all four Democratic candidates received a rating of "very good"; Susan Hutchison, the lone Republican in the officially nonpartisan race, received a "good."

Only three candidates in the city council races received a rating of "outstanding": Position 2 incumbent Richard Conlin, Position 4 contender Sally Bagshaw, and Position 8 candidate Robert Rosencrantz. Bagshaw blew away her opponents David Bloom and Dorsol Plants, both of whom received only a "good" evaluation.

City attorney Tom Carr, who will be on the general election ballot, received an "outstanding," while his opponent, police-accountability watchdog Peter Holmes, received a "very good."

Candidate evaluation committee chair Gabe Meyer explained that the ratings were based on interviews with the candidates as well as numerous phone interviews with supporters and campaign observers, according to their community involvement, effectiveness in working with other people, personal character, and knowledge about the job. (Full criteria available here).

The group will be officially releasing its evaluations, along with complete questionnaires, later today. A full list of the League's candidate evaluations in city races is below the jump.

City Attorney
Tom Carr (Incumbent): Outstanding
Peter Holmes: Very Good

Seattle Mayor
Joe Mallahan: Outstanding
Greg Nickels (Incumbent): Very Good
Mike McGinn: Good
Jan Drago: Good
Norman Sigler: Adequate
James Donaldson: Adequate
Kwame Wyking Garrett: Insufficient Information
Elizabeth Campbell: Not Qualified

City Council
Position 2
Richard Conlin (Incumbent): Outstanding
David Ginsberg: Adequate

Position 4
Sally Bagshaw: Outstanding
David Bloom: Good
Dorsol Plants: Good
Brian Carver: Not Qualified
Thomas Tobin: Not Qualified

Position 6
Nick Licata (Incumbent): Very Good
Martin Kaplan: Very Good
Jessie Israel: Very Good

Position 8
Robert Rosencrantz: Outstanding
David Miller: Very Good
Jordan Royer: Very Good
Bobby Forch: Good
Mike O'Brien: Good
Rusty Williams: Not Qualified
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