More on Cascade's Bagshaw Endorsement

By Erica C. Barnett July 22, 2009

[caption id="attachment_10103" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Sally Bagshaw"]Sally Bagshaw[/caption]David Hiller, advocacy director of the Cascade Bicycle Club, followed up on this morning's Morning Fizz item about the CBC's endorsement of Sally Bagshaw (the bike advocacy group endorsed Bagshaw over David Bloom for City Council Position 4 despite the fact that she took the maximum donation from two adamantly anti-bike companies, Ballard Oil and Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel) by sending us questionnaires filled out by both Bagshaw and Bloom.

He says "questions about [those] and other contributions from anti-bike zealots are what held up her recommendation. When we received a firm commitment to completing the [Burke-Gilman Trail], it prompted the board to move the endorsement."

In her answers, Bagshaw (a member of the CBC) says that funding for bike and pedestrian projects should be "allocated to reflect the dramatic rise of use" in the last decade; said she would support expanding the Chief Sealth Trail and Southeast Seattle and the Burke-Gilman; and endorsed "Complete Streets," the city's policy of building bike lanes, sidewalks, and transit facilities whenever they improve city streets.

In his responses, Bloom frequently strayed from Cascade's bike-centric agenda—talking about inclusionary zoning and affordable housing, for example, in response to bike-specific questions. And he said he "would want to move forward [with improving bike and ped infrastructure] a way that doesn’t set off a backlash among people who are not used to getting out of their cars." He did not respond specifically to a question about the Burke-Gilman.

I've asked Hiller in a follow-up email which other Bagshaw contributors he'd classify as "anti-bike zealots"; my guess is that they include Fremont Dock owner Suzie Burke, a developer who has opposed bike lane expansions in Fremont, most recently a long-planned bike lane along Stone Way. Burke gave Bagshaw $250 earlier this month.

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