More Gay Than Average

By FilmNerd July 8, 2009

As noted on indieWire, it's "one big, gay weekend at the movies" this weekend with the simultaneous release of Sacha Baron Cohen's latest, Bruno, and (Seattle-based filmmaker) Lynn Shelton's "bromance" Humpday.

[caption id="attachment_8768" align="aligncenter" width="245" caption="The Gay Deceivers (Bruce Kessler, USA, 1969)"]The Gay Deceivers (Bruce Kessler, USA, 1969)[/caption]

But leave it to Seattle to be more gay than the average city: We've also got The Gay Deceivers at Northwest Film Forum during the week. Part of NWFF's ongoing 1969 series, The Gay Deceivers is about two young men who try to dodge the draft by playing it queer.

Shows tonight and tomorrow at 8pm.
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