David Bloom's Comment of the Day

By Josh Feit July 23, 2009


David Bloom

City Council candidate David Bloom says he disagrees with Southeast Seattle neighborhood leader Pat Murakami (whose endorsement he's touted) about the need to put more low-income housing in the neighborhoods.

Bloom, whose campaign has focused on expanding low-income housing (he wants to build 5,000 units over and above the housing levy's goal of 10,000), says "any neighborhood can absorb more affordable housing, including Southeast Seattle."

Murakami famously fought a bill  in Olympia last session (using inflammatory speaking points )  that would have mandated low-income housing goals around light rail stations in Southeast Seattle.

"I disagree with Pat," Bloom told PubliCola, "but you can go through the list of names on my main opponent's endorsement list and I'm sure you'll find people she disagrees with."

He didn't have an example, but of course, this whole discussion started yesterday when we reported that Bloom's opponent, Sally Bagshaw (the two—along with, Dorsol Plants, are competing to fill Jan Drago's open city council seat) got donations from anti-bike interests while getting a sole endorsement  from the Cascade Bicycle Club.

Bloom gets the last word: "The whole reason she got the CBC endorsement is because she agrees with them on the two-way Mercer plan. I don't."  In addition to low-income housing, Bloom has criticized big-budget "sexy" projects, like the $200 million Mercer plan, for siphoning money away from basic needs.
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