But I'm Not Interested in the Hipsters

By Josh Feit July 16, 2009


1. Liberals who are looking for Sen. Maria Cantwell to lead on health care reform, should check this behind-the-scenes action out: Cantwell wants to impose a 1.45 percent tax on short-term capital gains to help fund Medicare, and she's asked the Senate Joint Committee on Taxation to look at the budgeting details of her populist tax idea.

Currently, short-term capital gains—which includes profits made on day trades and short-sales by hedge funds—aren't subject to Medicare taxes like a workers' income is.

Cantwell's office tells PubliCola: "This is ... about fairness. People who live on profits they make in day trades don't contribute into the Medicare trust fund in the same way as a worker who earns wages."

2. King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine held another rock music community fundraiser last night. This time the shindig was at Neumos on Capitol Hill with music by Hey Marseilles, Born Anchors, and Final Spin.


Last night at Moe Bar: Dow Constantine, Heidi Wills, Peter Steinbrueck

There was also a packed pizza party before the show at Moe Bar next door, where a mix of music industry folks (promoter Dave Meinert, Vera Project founder Kate Becker, Neumos owner Jerry Everard, Presidents' drummer Jason Finn) and progressives (homeless advocate Nick Federici, City Attorney Candidate Pete Holmes, former City Council Member Peter Steinbrueck and former City Council Member Heidi Wills) cheered Constantine, who leaped up on a banister to make his pitch.



But I'm not interested in the hipsters.

The most noteworthy person in attendance? Ron Judd, Senior Advisor to Governor Chris Gregoire.

Asked if his presence—Judd was literally leading the cheers when Constantine spoke—was a show of support for Constantine's campaign from the governor, Judd said coyly: "Do you see the governor?"

3. Did City Attorney Tom Carr lose an endorsement? Carr challenger Pete Holmes met with the Seattle carpenters' union yesterday morning as the local—whose endorsement used to be listed on Carr's web page—is reportedly reconsidering.

4. Seattle Times news writer Bob Young reports this morning that King County Executive candidate Susan Hutchison is fighting the release of records from her lawsuit against KIRO-TV—where she was the evening news anchor for 20 years. In 2003 she filed an age, race, and discrimination lawsuit against KIRO, who had replaced Hutchsion with a younger, Asian-American anchor, Kristy Lee, in late 2002.

5. The King County Labor Council gave its sole endorsement to Mayor Greg Nickels last night. And they gave a dual endorsement in the County Executive's race to King County Council Members Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips.
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