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By Erica C. Barnett July 15, 2009

soda-bottle-307x8003 Seattle Transit Blog

Transportation 2040: Be Bold

Transportation 2040, the update to Destination 2030 , is a major decision point for the region. We have a choice to boldly move forward to reduce congestion, better fund transportation, and reduce CO2 or we can shy away from controversy and choose a business as usual alternative that hardly fixes these issues.


Ridiculous Life Lessons from New Girl Games

My Boyfriend

What it’s about: Players pick various outfits and make-up while they hang out, exercise and gossip with their friends. But the main object of the game is to create “the love story of your dreams” by choosing from five different guys. Then, players will have to “charm, chat up and chill out” with each different guy to find true love.

What it teaches girls: You are incomplete without a man, or at least a digital replica of one. More specifically, the game instructs that there are only a limited number of potential mates in the world, and the only way to find the right one is to flirt with all of them .


Why the Cheesecake Factory Really Is Gross

Of course, it’s gross in a banal, everyday way: the way that our entire food-production system has us eating gross shit, all the time. Avoiding it takes lots of work; the path of least resistance leads to a gleaming Cheesecake Factory, standing alone at the edge of a strip mall. Fixing the situation won’t be easy; but it starts with calling it what it is.

Talking Points Memo

Sen. Lindsay Graham Bullies Sotomayor—While Accusing Her of Being a Bully

Graham went through insult after insult from anonymous reviews about Sotomayor's temperament, including ones that called her "nasty," "a terror," "a bit of a bull," and one that said she lacks any "judicial temperament." Graham then asked her directly: "Do you think you have a temperament problem?"
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