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By Erica C. Barnett July 9, 2009

RH Reality Check: Unintended pregnancy plunges Pacific Northwest women into financial crisis
While Roe v. Wade ensures that abortion is legal in every state, the reality of abortion access today is increasingly dependent upon a woman's socioeconomic status and geographic location. The average cost of an abortion for a woman up to 12 weeks pregnant is $450 to $600 in the Northwest region, and costs increase markedly after 12 weeks.

Schmudget (Yiddish for budget): Effects of Eyman's I-1033 worsen over time
Initiative 1033 [Tim Eyman's latest initiative, which would limit spending by state and local governments to the rate of inflation plus population growth, starting in the low-revenue year of 2009] would have a harmful effect on the ability of state and local governments to fund investments in education, health, public safety, and economic security. Importantly, this restricting effect will grow bigger over time making it increasingly difficult to fund these and other public priorities.

The Ethicurean: Rich countries gobbling up poor countries' farmland at an alarming rate
Rich countries and international corporations, including automakers, are buying up farmland in developing countries at a rate that ought to set off humanitarian alarm bells worldwide. New reports from the United Nations and others estimate that nearly 20 million hectares (50 million acres) of farmland — an area roughly half the size of all arable land in Europe — has been sold or has been negotiated for sale or lease in the last six months. ... Supposedly world leaders will discuss this “land grabbing” at the G8 meeting this week.
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