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By Erica C. Barnett June 20, 2009

Just got word that Sally Bagshaw—one of two frontrunners in the race to succeed Position 4 city council member Jan Drago—has hired a new campaign manager: City Neighborhood Coalition president and Georgetown activist Kathy Nyland.

I just gave Nyland props for putting together a neighborhood-issues forum that was anything but parochial. In the same post, I also said Bagshaw comes across as a conservative business candidate in contrast to her opponent, social justice and housing activist David Bloom. Bagshaw's decision to hire Nyland gives Bagshaw some lefty cred and takes some of the wind out of allegations that she's just another Jan Drago or Margaret Pageler.

And it's a smart move in other ways: In addition to being a strong neighborhood activist, business owner, and progressive, Nyland has a high profile and is well respected inside and outside City Hall.

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