We Were in the Jazz Band

By MusicNerd June 12, 2009

[Editor's Note: We first posted this on MusicNerd's regularly-scheduled day, Thursday. But these original performances—recorded exclusively for PubliCola—are so hot, we're moving it right on up. Friday, man.]   


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If only all high school funk bands ended this way.

Hamilton Boyce and Ryan Batie met in the Garfield Jazz band, survived their funk band and then a metal band—only to come back together (along with some other members) as the house party folk rock faves, Song Sparrow Research.

Their songs are rich; dynamic folk packed with ambitious melodies and ambitious structures. Boyce's  baritone melds with Batie's tenor as they fret about what they believe in, getting old, and how hard it is to tell other people these things.

Glockenspiel abounds.

For today's PubliCola podcast, the duo discussed finding bass players where you least expect to and played a handfull of paired down tunes, including "Catapult," "Here My," “Everything's Okay,” and “No Thoughts of My Own.”


SSR will be releasing their new full length on July 11th at the Healthy Times Fun Club, but if you just can't wait, you can download their “The New Rag Time Revolution e.p.” here.

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