Viability Problem

By Josh Feit June 12, 2009


1. A note from Wednesday night's 34th District candidate forum: Jordan Royer distinguished himself, although not in a popular way. He was the only candidate among the crowded field for Richard McIver's seat to say he supported a new city jail. [Editor's note: Please see Royer's clarification about this question and answer in the comments thread.]

2. A note on the latest fundraising numbers in the City Council races: Perhaps it's the bad economy, but this year's candidates are falling far short in the fundraising department compared to recent years. 

The average contribution this  year is about $163. In 2007 it was $213. 

The total amount of money raised for all the candidates combined (and there are a lot of them) currently stands at $575,000. That's not on pace to match the 2007, 2005, and 2003 races when the total raised was about $2 million. In fact, it's shy by about 21 percent. 

Case in point: Everyone in the crowded race for Richard McIver's open seat is below $30,000 on hand. This raises a question—how do these unknowns plan to reach the city's 200,000 voters? With one mail piece? (Those voter pamphlet statements better be damn good.)

These slack numbers bode well for people that already have good name I.D.—Nick Licata, Richard Conlin, and Jordan Royer. And also for the women—Jessie Israel and Sally Bagshaw. But they don't bode well for anybody else. 

3. A note on the fundraising numbers in the County Executive race: Check out the difference between contributions and expenditures—that tells you how much money each candidate has on hand. Fred Jarrett is at $7,840. I'd say he has a viability problem right  now.

For example, his Eastside opponent, Ross Hunter, has over $100,000 on hand. Meanwhile, the Seattle Democrats, Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips have $166,000 and over $200,000 respectively. 

The Republican, and frontrunner in the polls, Susan Hutchison, has $94,967 on hand. 


4. A note from Tehran: If you're interested in the election in Iran today check out this fantastic blog by a young blogger who lives in Tehran for the inside scoop.

5. A note from PubliCola's advertising rep, Cynara Lilly: If you want to see your ad appear here in Morning Fizz contact her at [email protected]
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