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By Josh Feit June 4, 2009

My G.F., who lives 3,000 miles away from Seattle, sent me this email this morning: 
From: a.l.

To:  [email protected]

Date: Thu, June 4, 2009 4:08 AM

Subject: Oh and...

What's up with this Joe Mallahan asking to follow me on Twitter?

Indeed, campaigning in 2009 is all about your Twitter account. 

Here's a snapshot of the Twitter race for mayor as it stands today:


Mike McGinn 648 followers

Norman Sigler 195 followers

Jan Drago 59 followers

Joe Mallahan 59 followers

Elizabeth Campbell NA

James Donaldson NA

Mary Juanita Martin NA

Greg Nickels NA


And over in the King County Executive's race, the Twitter stats are:


Dow Constantine 268 followers

Ross Hunter 256 followers

Larry Phillips 56 followers

Fred Jarrett 7 followers
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