The Metropolitan Democratic Club Endorsements

By Erica C. Barnett June 24, 2009

The Metropolitan Democratic Club (a self-described "progressive alternative to the mainstream Democratic Party" that's making a big push for exposure this election season) just made its endorsements in the local races this afternoon—the denouement of a process that started with last month's well-attended "megaforum" at the Labor Temple in Belltown, which Josh wrote about here. To win endorsement, a candidate had to receive a simple majority of MDC member votes.

The highlights:

• Although both Mayor Greg Nickels and Joe Mallahan got "a lot" of votes, according to MDC president Justin Simmons, the group voted to table the decision on the mayor's race until its next meeting. Basically, instead of doing a "no endorsement," the group decided not to decide until next month.

• Sally Bagshaw, a candidate for the seat Jan Drago is vacating on the city council (Position 4), got trounced by lefty housing activist David Bloom. "Bloom just cleaned house," Simmons says. Bagshaw, in comparison, received only a couple of mail-in ballots. So far, Bloom has won most of the major endorsements, including the sole endorsements of the 11th, 37th, 43rd, and 46th District Democrats. (The 36th and 34th District Ds endorse next month). Bagshaw's only big organizational endorsement so far: The Alki Foundation, the political arm of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

• Former city police watchdog Pete Holmes added the MDC to his growing list of endorsements, including the 11th, 37th, and 43rd District Dems. Carr, in contrast, has heavy support from labor unions and individual elected officials.

• Maple Leaf neighborhood guy David Miller won handily in the six-way race for council Position 8, the seat being vacated by Richard McIver. Only three other candidates in that race received any votes at all—Mike O'Brien, followed by Bobby Forch and Rusty Williams.

Complete MDC endorsements after the jump.

King County Executive
Dual endorsement for Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips (Constantine received more votes than Phillips, but neither won a clear majority)

King County Sheriff
No endorsement

King County Council
District 1
Bob Ferguson

District 5
Julia Patterson

District 9
No endorsement

No decision

City attorney
Peter Holmes

City Council
Position 2
Richard Conlin

Position 4
David Bloom

Position 6
Nick Licata (early endorsement)

Position 8
David Miller

Referendum 1 (Approval of 20-cent fee for disposable bags)

Port of Seattle
Position 1
No endorsement

Position 3
Rob Holland

Position 4
Max Vekich

Seattle school board
Position 1
Michael DeBell

Position 5
Mary Bass

Position 7
Betty Patu

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