The Main Character

By Josh Feit June 22, 2009

1. This is ironic:

Mayor Greg Nickels is holding his campaign kickoff breakfast at the Westin in downtown Seattle this morning. I'm there right now as you're reading this. Nickels also held his campaign kickoff breakfast at the Westin four years ago. I was there then too, and I wrote a column about it. Well, you will not believe who the main character in that column was.

Hint: It was a neighborhood activist who was at Mayor Nickels' campaign kick off breakfast four years ago (cheering Nickels on).

Hint #2: This person is definitely not there this morning.

Here's last time's column.  Wow.

2. Hey, we had to ban a commenter this weekend. We're not going to let trolls ruin it for everybody else in the PubliCola comments (PubliComments!).  

You should criticize and attack the substance of the posts with gusto. A boisterous debate is excellent. We believe that's why people are here. And we're okay with all the questions about Sandeep's role too. (Kaushik works as Mayor Nickels' campaign spokesperson.)

But personal attacks posted with Philip Glass repetition just aren't gonna make it at PubliCola.  

3.  International Herald Tribune columnist and New York Times contributor Richard Bernstein is reading from his new book, The East, the West, and Sex at Elliott Bay tonight. Bernstein takes a look at the recent anecdotes, historical precedents, and cliches about Western men and those women from "the East," asking: "Is the notion of the East as a zone of special erotic possibilities purely a matter of Western fantasy and wishful thinking?"










In last weekend's New York Times Book Review, Toni Bentley gave Bernstein a rough time for being a bit dry on such a sexy topic. I don't know. Elliott Bay Books. Free. Herald Tribune columnist. Sex. Seattle.

Dry? Does not compute. Reading and Q&A starts at 7:30 p.m.

4. Mark your calendars:












To celebrate all the fancy stuff that's been happening here lately—investors, Erica C. Barnett,  advisory boardsmore investorsscoops about Susan Hutchison's right-wing background, and nonstop Nerding out—PubliCola is throwing a party

Drink with the Cola staff and board:

Wednesday, July 1, 5:30 at The Rob Roy, 2323 2nd Ave. between Bell and Battery in Belltown.

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