Digging Into the KING 5 Polling Numbers

By Erica C. Barnett June 24, 2009

Digging into the tracking data on the widely reported KING 5 poll reveals some interesting numbers, including this weird tidbit: King County Council member Larry Phillips, a lefty with heavy labor support, only beat his opponent Dow Constantine, a lefty with heavy elected-official support, among two groups: Those who identified as "conservative," and those who identified as "Republican."

Also interesting: Men like Phillips more than women (and women like Republican Susan Hutchison more than men); Hutchison's popularity, which is 41 percent overall, spikes among minorities, including black voters (58 percent) and Hispanic voters (55 percent); and although Hutchison has tried to conceal her party affiliation, her base is conservative, with self-identified Republicans and conservatives supporting her by margins of 55 and 56 percent, respectively.

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