Thank You PubliCola Advertisers

By Josh Feit June 25, 2009

We'd like to thank our advertisers—many of whom kept PubliCola alive when it was a day-to-day operation: 

Urban Visions, Northwest Passage, Planned Parenthood, Argo Strategies, SEIU 775, Joe Mallahan for Mayor, David Miller for City Council, Win Power, Bennett Homes, Liberty, Washington Conservation Voters, Greg Nickels for Mayor, Bill Sherman, LKK Partners, and Marler Clark. 

If you want the people in the cubicles of power to know about you, you should advertise on PubliCola. 

Not only will you make a splash with the insiders who are addicted to our site, but by advertising with PubliCola—the first online news publication in state history to get full-fledged press credentials in Olympia—you’ll also be supporting our effort to pick up the slack as the traditional print media drastically scales back political coverage.

Contact our advertising rep Cynara Lilly for advertising opportunities: [email protected]
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