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By SoundersNerd June 17, 2009

Sounders (5-3-5, 20 points, 3rd place Western Conference; 5th  overall) 


DC United (5-2-7, 22 points, 1st place Eastern Conference, 3rd overall) 

First meeting. 

By now everyone and their grandmothers know that Seattle has two great liabilities: Our fourth defender and Fredy Montero. 

The defensive situation is improving, slowly, but for Fredy, one has to wonder why does coach Sigi continue to start him; and why doesn't he start Le Toux in his place? 










Use Le Toux

Fredy at best is inconsistent; harsher critiques—and they are growing in number—call him lazy. In addition to his  assist on San Jose's goal (!?!), he had two notable moments last Saturday: Creating the first goal, and tapping in the second. Otherwise, he was hardly in the game. 

Seba Le Toux, on the other hand, is the opposite. He is strong, fast, talented, consistent and hustles. Above all, he plays with the rest of the team (as opposed to Montero, who pouts when not spoon fed the ball) as brilliantly displayed in the last five minutes of Saturday's game with Ljungberg. 

Finally, since Montero's firecracker start to the season, other teams have all but neutralized him as a threat, making him the highest recipient of fouls in the league. Switching him with the beefier Le Toux would throw a wrench in the opponents defensive plan. 

And tonight we're going to have to switch some things up anyway. DC United is as storied as teams get in the US: Four-time MLS champions, with 8 other titles under their belt.

And as the founding fathers of then-child prodigy/former savior of US soccer Freddie Adu, they brought him to Qwest field in 2006 to face and tie Real Madrid—Beckham, Raul, Van Nistelrooy, Roberto Carlos et al.

That same summer they demolished Scottish powerhouse Celtic 4-0. Now they've just taken the lead in the Eastern Conference and three of their players—Ben Olsen, Argentine Christian Gomez, Brazilian Luciano Emilio- were on last year's "MLS Best XI;" a list of the best eleven players in the league. Olsen subbed for Claudio Reyna when the US played Ghana in the  WC06. 

This could possibly be the strongest adversary we've faced at home. A little reverse psychology: Rather than getting all serious, let's get loose and  change things up for the chaps, shall we?  And let's start by starting Le Toux.
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