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By Josh Feit June 24, 2009









1. Tonight at the Crocodile: Seattle City Council Member Nick Licata

If any Seattle City Council Member deserves the support of the music community it's Licata. Yes, Council Member Richard Conlin was the lead on repealing the Teen Dance Ordinance, but Licata's office—particularly Licata staffer Newell Aldrich—was on bass and drums.

Licata's also did the heavy lifting working against then-Mayor Paul Schell and now-Mayor Greg Nickels as both mayors pushed noise and nightclub ordinances.

The music community—including Nirvana's Krist Novoselic, Long Winters' John Roderik, and Redmond Firehouse and VERA star Kate Becker—will be on hand to support the longtime pro-night life Council Member at Licata's rock and roll fundraiser.

(One of Licata's opponents, architect Martin Kaplan, held a fundraiser of his own last night at the Spitfire in Belltown. The place was reportedly packed—130 people—and the campaign reports that Kaplan, whose main issue is criticizing Licata for being an obstructionist on the city's Mercer plan, raised $10,000.) 

2. Speaking of noise ordinances: Head's up, Seattle City Council Member Tim Burgess is working on a "nuisance" ordinance with City Attorney Tom Carr's office. 

3. Speaking of the music community: You'll remember yesterday we reported that City Council candidate Jordan Royer—who infamously did Mayor Nickels' bidding during Nickels' nightclub crackdown—is now actively courting nightclub owners to win their support. Last week, Royer met with Neumo’s co-owner Jerry Everard, Red Door owner Pete Hanning, and Showbox manager Jeff Steichen.

It turns out, however, that Royer also tried to meet with David Meinert. Meinert—who manages Blue Scholars, puts together the Capitol Hill Block Party, and has owned and managed several venues in town (Belltown's Sit and Spin comes to mind)—is the scene's most politically active and politically savvy member.

Meinert refused to meet with Royer.

4. KING-5 released a poll on the King County Executive's race late yesterday. Or rather—Dow Constantine's campaign gleefully peddled the numbers to the press.

The poll shows Constantine emerging from the Democratic pack jumping from  8 to 12 percent (and from third place to second place) since the last poll two weeks ago. Larry Phillips dropped from 9 to 7 percent (and from second place to third place), putting Phillips back in the pack with Ross Hunter, who's at 6. Meanwhile, Fred Jarrett is at 4, duking it out with perennial oddball candidate Goodspaceguy, who's at 3 percent. 

The mainstream press rightly noted last night that Constantine's smart strategy of coming out hard against the other candidate in the race, Republican, frontrunner, and former KIRO anchor Susan Hutchison, was a good play, helping differentiate Constantine from the Democratic pack. 

The press, however, failed to note this: Hutchison's jump from 34 to 41 in the KING 5 poll shows that Constantine's attacks on Hutchison also—didn't work. 

5. The King County Democrats issued their endorsements last night—or more accurately, their non-endorsements. 

Card-carrying Democrat Mayor Nickels failed to get the two-thirds vote and the group did not endorse in the Seattle mayor's race. 

King County Council Members Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips got a dual endorsement from the Democrats in the race for County Executive. 

In the City Council races: Incumbent Nick Licata won the sole endorsement; incumbent Richard Conlin split a dual endorsement with challenger David Ginsberg; social justice church activist David Bloom and newcomer, social services employee Dorsol Plants split a dual endorsement in the 3-way race with former K.C. prosecutor's office star Sally Bagshaw for Jan Drago's open seat; and North Seattle neighborhood activist David Miller split a dual endorsement with city employee Bobby Forch in the crowded race for Richard McIver's open seat. 

In the City Attorney's race—where both candidates will make it through the August 18 primary anyway—challenger Peter Holmes scored yet another endorsement over incumbent Tom Carr. 


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