Socialist Monarchy

By Josh Feit June 19, 2009

1. About 50 weirdo Seattle artists—including PubliCola's own Advisory Board member Ben Beres—are taking over the hallways, bathrooms, balconies, and the backstage at the Moore Theater this Saturday evening, setting up installations (Video Ego, Lead Pencil Studio, No Touching Ground), playing music ("Awesome," Dub Marronics, Scratchmaster Joe), and throwing watermelons (Megan Mertaugh). 

It's free, and it ends with a parade led by a brass band (Orkestar Zarkonium) through Belltown to an afterparty ($5) with live music, including a set by the punk psychedlic (and I wanna say Goth pop) three piece, the Whines, from Portland.














2. A Bellevue-based gun rights group, The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, is up in arms (!) about Mayor Nickels' plans, as the new president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, to lobby the White House for stricter gun laws. 

“Nickels may be inspired by Obama’s current ability to push a social agenda,” CCRKBA (pronounced Krick-Buh?) chairman Alan Gotlieb said in a press release. “Both seem to believe they have some imperial mandate to shape the world by executive order with no legislative oversight or intervention. The United States is a Republic, not a socialist monarchy, and the City of Seattle is not Greg Nickels’ personal fiefdom.”

3. Speaking of wild theater and guns: The 46th District Democrats (North Seattle) held their endorsement meeting last night. After a  spectacle of hotly contested votes and furious attempts to change the rules, there ended up being no endorsement in the mayor's race—where candidates needed two-thirds to get the nod. T-Mobile executive Joe Mallahan came the closest—topping Mayor Nickels 76-39 in the second round of voting  (there ended up being three rounds)—but nine hands for "No Endorsement" ended up carrying the day. 

In the City Council races, lefty church activist David Bloom got another sole endorsement in his fight against establishment candidate Sally Bagshaw to take Jan Drago's open seat; city government staffer Bobby Forch and Maple Leaf neighborhood activist David Miller (the 46th is his turf) got a dual endorsement in the crowded race to fill Richard McIver's seat; and popular incumbent Nick Licata picked up another sole endorsement.

(Funny footnote: Candidate Rusty Williams, also from the 46th, formally introduced unknown Forch—who's from the South End—and Forch ended up knocking Williams out in the first round.)

4. One thing that's been lost in the condescending, contemporary re-telling of the heady late 60s is this: Even though the damn hippies were out to change the world, they actually had a sense of humor about the whole thing.






Director Paul Mazursky's comedy about swinging and the sexual revolution, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969), is archival proof that they didn't think they had it all right. The counterculture classic is playing at the Northwest Film Forum tonight as part of its excellent and ongoing 1969 series. 

5. And one Erica C. Barnett sent me this email about City Council candidate Jessie Israel last night (at 12:48am), which will stand as Barnett's foray into Morning Fizz: 
For what it's worth... I'm tired and unable to do much reading into this list, but I do think it's interesting that she's getting so much support from enviros.

Jessie Israel was boasting about her updated list of endorsements at the City Neighborhood Council's lively candidate forum at City Hall last night. For an unknown candidate running against a long-established incumbent (Nick Licata), Israel's list does include some impressive names, including numerous local enviros and elected officials. Among them: FutureWise field director Megan Blanck-Weiss; freshman state reps Reuven Carlyle (D-36) and Scott White (D-46); Seattle Port Commissioners Bill Bryant, Gael Tarlton, and John Creighton; green developer Liz Dunn; Earth Day founder Denis Hayes; state rep Zach Hudgins; enviro and civic activists Bridgette and Brice Maryman; Washington Conservation Voters spokeswoman Sudha Nandagopal.

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