Ron Sims: Compare and Contrast

By Josh Feit June 22, 2009

Erica will be here in a sec with a post on today's news about the King County audit (and all the dueling spin from the King County candidates). 

In the mean time, check out these dueling accounts:

Here's the first paragraph from the February 2 White House’s press release touting Ron Sims’ qualifications to be deputy secretary of HUD.   
Sims has earned numerous accolades and a national reputation for his environmental stewardship, aggressive reforms of government, and for willingness to make the tough choices necessary to ensure that American tax dollars are spent wisely.

Here's  today’s PI article on the State Auditor’s findings about King County. 
State audit blasts King County over lack of oversight of taxpayer money

 King County's internal financial controls are a haphazard mishmash of systems with plenty of holes for potential abuse of public funds, a state audit released Monday concluded.

The report cited a lack of standard financial controls that would enable the King County Council and King County executive to provide adequate financial oversight.
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