PubliCola Comment of the Day Goes to Trevor

By Josh Feit June 24, 2009

In this Morning's Morning Fizz, PubliCola reader Trevor writes:

12. Trevor says:

RonK the cop is in the house!

Anyway, how did Plants get an endorsement? Seems like a nice guy who’s not ready. Guess his participation in the 34th district d’s helped?

I was equally puzzled about the Plants endorsement, Trevor. Dorsol Plants, who's running against David Bloom and Sally Bagshaw for Jan Drago's open seat, won the King County Democrats dual endorsement last night along with Bloom.

Plants is an earnest guy—and as an Iraq vet (two tours of duty) and social worker at the Downtown Family & Adult Services Center, he has an admirable resume. But in comparison to lifelong social justice church activist Bloom and former King County Prosecutor's Office Civil Division chief Bagshaw, Plants seems outmatched.


City Council Candidate Dorsol Plants

I checked in with the King County Democrats' chair, Suzie Sheary, and King County Democrats Central Committee endorsement chair Dean Willard to find out why Plants fared so well. Neither cited a city issue that Plants scored points on—they were simply impressed with his character and resume.

Sheary cited Plants' campaign: "He's everywhere."  Plants' youth was also a plus for Sheary: "Talking to him you can see the future of the Democratic Party."

Willard said the endorsement committee was "impressed with his grassroots activism and his hands-on work helping the homeless ."

I do think Trevor's right to point out that Plants' involvement in the 34th had an impact. Both Sheary and Willard mentioned that 34th District member Ivan Weiss—who was on the KC Democrats endorsement committee, advocated strongly for Plants. Weiss is the former chair of the 34th District Democrats.

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