Outtakes from Last Night's KC Dems Meeting

By Erica C. Barnett June 24, 2009

Two more items of note from last night's King County Democrats endorsement meeting:

1) I couldn't make it to the meeting, but a pal who was there reports that after the group voted to endorse city council member Nick Licata, the incumbent in Position 6, they took up a motion to endorse his opponent Jessie Israel (a woman in her 30s) as well. My source reported being surprised by the speeches against a dual endorsement: "Three women, probably all over 50, with the same sort of refrain: 'I like Jessie, she's a great woman, and I think she has a lot of promise.  I really hope she runs again...' I half expected someone to pat her on the head, and call her a cute little girl who will grow up to be a good politician!"

That refrain—"You'll be a great candidate in a few years, honey"—is a familiar one to many young women who've run for office in Seattle, including Judy Nicastro, Heidi Wills, and Stephanie Pure. All three women were widely criticized as being "too young" for the offices they were seeking (even in cases, like Pure's, where a man the same age was also running). And it's an ironic pitch to make to the King County Dems, a group that endorsed Position 4 candidate Dorsal Plants—a man in his 20s—specifically for his youth. "Talking to him you can see the future of the Democratic Party," KC Dems chair Suzie Sheary said.

2) City Council Position 8 candidate Jordan Royer didn't make it to last night's meeting, because he had a prior engagement: A fundraiser on a yacht owned by SSA Marine, a cargo terminal management company. Royer, a former employee for Mayor Greg Nickels who now works for the Pacific Merchant Shippers Association, says the fundraiser featured "member of the maritime community who want to help elect leaders who will promote the growth of the maritime economy" and "have more of a voice in the civic discussion." 

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