No Endorsement from Licata in City Attorney Race

By Erica C. Barnett June 22, 2009

City Attorney Thomas Acquinas (!) Carr says he met last week with City Council member Nick Licata—an ideological ally of Carr's opponent, police accountability watchdog Peter Holmes. An endorsement from Licata would be a major boost for longtime Carr foe Holmes, who until recently headed up the civilian board that oversees internal investigations of police misconduct charges (a board Licata was instrumental in creating).

The upshot of the meeting, Carr says, is that he and Licata "agreed that we won't endorse in each other's races." So does that mean Carr said he wouldn't endorse either of Licata's opponents, Jessie Israel and Martin Kaplan, if  Licata agreed not to endorse Holmes? "That was much more sophisticated than how it actually came out. [Licata] had said some really nice things about Pete but he hadn't endorsed him," Carr says. Carr says he "has always supported Nick," and reminded the lefty council member "that I endorsed him back in 1997. I don't know if I've endorsed him since then, but I voted for him."

Licata, for his part, says he hasn't endorsed anyone in the city attorney race but he "may endorse Peter in the future," adding, "I've respected the work he's done but I feel closer to Peter on some issues."

Carr may have voted for Licata, but he didn't give him any money in either 2001 or 2005, the last two years in which Licata ran for reelection. (Records from 1997 are no longer available online). In 2001, Carr maxed out to then-mayoral candidate Greg Nickels (who was running against Carr's predecessor, then-city attorney Mark Sidran). In 2005, Carr gave Nickels $175, and contributed $200 to Licata's  council colleague Richard McIver.
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