It Looks Like the Stereotype was Off Base

By Josh Feit June 9, 2009

There was a lot of noise yesterday about the Alki Foundation endorsements—the Seattle business community's picks for Mayor, County Executive, and City Council. 

This morning, in the opposite corner, we've got the people's picks, the endorsements from the 37th District Democrats—South Seattle.

Mayor: Dual endorsement for Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn

King County Executive: Dual endorsement for Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips

City Council:

Richard Conlin's Seat: Dual endorsement for Richard Conlin and David Ginsberg

Jan Drago's Open Seat: David Bloom

Nick Licata's Seat: Nick Licata

Richard McIver's Open Seat: Dual endorsement for David Miller and Mike O'Brien

A couple of observations:

1. With the exception of neighborhood-focused City Council Member Richard Conlin (who only managed to get a dual endorsement) King County Council Member Larry Phillips is the only name to appear on both the Alki list and the 37th list. I don't know exactly what that means, but in the tight K.C. Executive's race, the Phillips camp should be happy that Phillips appeals to both the Seattle Establishment and neighborhood voters in Beacon Hill, Rainier Valley, and Renton—working class and heavy minority turf. 

2. The McGinn camp should also be kinda psyched. McGinn's agenda was perceived to be a bit too yuppie with all his high falutin' talk about the environment and broadband. Well, it looks like the stereotype that South Seattleites are too "real" to care about such things—like being Green—was off base.

McGinn's Sierra club colleague, Mike O'Brien, also got the nod from the 37th in the crowded race to fill Richard McCiver's seat.

3. I can't say I'm surprised that lefty church activist David Bloom picked up the 37th's endorsement, but, given that with the exception of super popular incumbent Nick Licata, newbie Bloom was the only candidate to score a sole endorsement in the Council contests, I do wonder how much lefty housing activist John Fox's push for Bloom came into play. (Fox, remember, successfully organized in the SouthEnd against  this year's transit oriented development bill.)

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