The First WA Delegation Legislation Headed to Obama's Desk: Jay Inslee's Indie Rock Bill

By Josh Feit June 19, 2009

Rep. Jay Inslee's webcasters bill—which would protect indie webcasters from getting hit with crippling royalty payments (and buy them time to work out a fair payment scheme with artists instead of the draconian one that was initially recommended by the record industry)—passed the Senate on Wednesday. It passed the House earlier this month

Now Rep. Inslee's indie rock bill is on it's way to the President.

I asked Inslee's office if the webcasters bill would be the first piece of Washington delegation legislation signed by Obama. 

Inslee's spokeswoman Torie Brazitis says this: 

Well well.   If President Obama signs it fast, it would be the first bill that’s prime-sponsored by a Washington state person to get President Obama's signature. That sentence comes with two big caveats:

1.    Sometimes, things get delayed.  So bills may be sent to the White House but not get a signature for a week or two.  Having this be the first WA bill would depend on Obama signing it promptly upon delivery.  I wouldn’t pop the champagne until it actually has the signature. 

2.    There are other ways to be a bill, too, like co-sponsoring or being second, and the attached lists don’t include those.   There are WA-cosponsored bills that have been signed.  (For example, Jay co-sponsored the Credit Card Holder’s Bill of Rights with 127 other members.)

 But technically, yes. Every bill gets one person at the very top, and in that sense, it appears to be the first WA-led bill to be headed toward Obama’s desk.

Here are comprehensive lists of the current bills in the House that are being led by a member of the Washington state delegation and bills in the Senate that are being led by a member of the Washington state delegation.
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