In Lieu of the NARAL Questionnaire

By Josh Feit June 17, 2009

The PostGlobe got its hands on County Executive candidate Susan Hutchison's response to NARAL's candidate questionnaire. 

The former KIRO-TV anchor and conservative didn't fill out the questionnaire. Instead she sent back a statement "in lieu of the NARAL questionnaire"  saying abortion isn't an issue at the County level, and she's interested in bringing people together not taking stands on divisive topics.

Matias Valenzuela, spokesperson at King County Health, tells PubliCola that the County runs family planning programs that do pregnancy diagnosis and counseling that provide information on "all the choices including pregnancy termination."

The County program receives federal funding—and it's a requirement of the program guidelines to include counseling on abortion.  

The County also provides sex education in the schools and uses a curriculum that includes talking about abortion.
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