His Greatest Music Videos from the Late-70s and 80s

By Morning Fizz June 26, 2009


1. The Northwest Film Forum announced yesterday they are hosting (what sounds like) a perfectly hand-picked tribute to Michael Jackson on July 7.
His greatest music videos from the late-70s and 80s will be shown in the cinema (and cranked up loud). We’ll also show excerpts of a 1968 performance of the Jackson 5, his performance in the 1978 musical ‘The Wiz,’ the unavailable 1983 documentary “The Making Of Michael Jackson’s Thriller,” and the 1983 TV performance that introduced the “moonwalk.”

Advance tickets can be purchased here.

2. Local union representatives and opponents of mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan were circulating a memo Thursday from human resources officials for the Pacific Northwest division of T-Mobile, where Mallahan is a vice president. The memo instructed managers how to thwart union organizing at the company.

The intimidating memo, from March 2009, instructs T-Mobile managers to discourage employees from talking to union organizers by "reminding" employees that solicitation is against T-Mobile rules, that the company's benefits are "superior... without ... union dues or ... other obligations" and that "it is better for employees and managers to engage in direct, one-to-one communication, rather than through a third-party representative."

Mallahan's name isn't on the H.R. memo, but he's been part of T-Mobile's Pacific Northwest leadership team since 2000.

3. Mayor Greg Nickels is a recent convert to the growing group of candidates opposing the so-called employee "head tax"—a $25-per-employee annual fee charged to employees whose workers choose to drive alone to work.

How recent? Not only did Nickels support the tax, which pays for transportation improvements, initially, he still supported it as recently as the Alki Foundation candidate forum in May, when he and his opponent, Mike McGinn, were the only two candidates to hold up "no" signs indicating they did not support repealing the tax.

That's Nickels with the orange 'no' sign five in from the left. McGinn is three in from the left.

2855_1136634730863_1077202895_30399747_7646421_n4. You may see Hollywood director Stephen Gyllenhaal—Maggie and Jake's dad—around town next month. Gyllenhaal will be on location scouting out the scene for a film he's shooting here about Grant Cogswell's odd 2001 campaign for Seattle City Council.

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