... And in the Race to be the Anti-Hutchison

By Josh Feit June 16, 2009

I couldn't make Susan Hutchison's official kick off this morning (we had some exciting stuff going on ourselves), so I'll defer to Erica C. Barnett's report and the's report, both of which summarize Hutchison's platform this way: Lower B&O taxes. 

I will, however, be able to make Dow Constantine's press conference response this afternoon. (Yes. Press conference. Constantine has apparently taken it upon himself to become Hutchison's official foil—a smart move given that Hutchison is the frontrunner.)

Constantine started the rivalry last week when he held a press conference to criticize  Hutchison (a bit nonsensically, actually) for  1) Not making her views known and for  2) Having right wing views that are out of step with King County voters.  Sorry Dow, that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Still, props to Constantine for trying to position himself as the main challenger to Hutchison. (The ploy got him some good TV time on KING 5's Up Front that, again, portrayed him as the main challenger to the front running Hutchison. It's a good position to be in.)










Another member of the Democratic pack, State Rep. Ross Hunter, is trying to get in on the anti-Hutchison action as well. Team Hunter was the first out with a press release after Hutchison's announcement. 

Hunter, chair of the House Finance Committee in the State legislature, said: 

"There are taxes that King County has control over," says Hunter.  "The B&O tax is not one of them.  If Hutchison wants to change the B&O threshold she should run for the Legislature, not King County Executive.  King County is facing crucial transportation, social services and budget issues that need be addressed immediately."

Oddly, the other two Democrats in the race, King County Council Member Larry Phillips and State Sen. Fred Jarrett did not issue any formal response that I saw. 

I do know that Phillips' consultant, Cathy Allen, is out of town. Perhaps the Phillips squad was caught off guard by Hutchison's announcement. 

(Full disclosure: Constantine's spokesperson is Sandeep Kaushik, who co-founded PubliCola. Hunter's communications manager is Cynara Lilly, who works part time for PubliCola selling ads and organizing our office.)
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