The Sacred Blog-Rola

By Josh Feit May 8, 2009

blogrolaPubliCola's blog-rola—our exclusive list of 10 blogs and/or websites we dig—has two slots opening up. 

Now that the legislative session is over, we're taking two of our favorites off the list: 1) The Capitol Record, an excellent resource on what the hell was going on minute-to-minute in the Capitol building hearing rooms, and 2) Schmudget (that's Yiddish for budget) the Washington State Budget & Policy Center's egg head blog about state budgeting.

Email tips on great local blogs to [email protected]

I'm particularly looking for a local biking blog. And not the Cascade Bicycle Club site. They're just fine, but I want a biking diary that's written by a biker who mixes daily journals about their commute with local bike politics and biking tips. 

Also, do any local politicians or  candidates have a blog that's actually a blog and not a pre-fab campaign site? That'd be good for the Blog-Rola too.
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