PubliCola Diaries: Free Booze + Scary Art = New Horizons

By Chris Kissel May 15, 2009

[Chris K's note: As long as Josh is gone, it's my party. PubliCola is now officially my LiveJournal.]

College is about expanding your horizons, and exploring scary new things. It's also frequently about trolling for free booze.

Luckily, I got to do both yesterday at the Hugo House, Seattle's refuge for literary nerds. The top floor of the Hugo is filled wall to wall with shelves of self-produced, hand-bound zines (like the ones NerdNerd loves), but I was headed behind the shelves.

The free wine was part of an art show featuring Darin Shuler, who sketches gig posters for local bands. An art show inside a zine library inside the Hugo House. Bookish hipsterism to the third power.

You can look for yourself here. If I may, I'd say his drawings kinda look like the fuzzy things you see when you squeeze your eyeballs with your thumbs. Except the fuzzy things have long proboscises and dump jars of spaghetti sauce on each other. Doodles gone terribly awry. I was a little scared.

Talking to the artist about it didn't help.

"Something pretty terrible happened to me while I was drawing these, but I don't really remember what it was," Shuler told me. I nodded as we moved on. "Who said you can't paint a picture of a monster shitting out a bottle and while another monster takes a drink?" Uh, no one, I guess.

I spent the rest of the excursion contemplating hell and drinking free wine out of a tiny plastic cup. I love college.
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