"Just Realize that When You're Listening to this You Should Be Looking Over Lake Union."

By MusicNerd May 7, 2009

[Editor's Note: Definitely. MusicNerd files another podcast. His previous one—where local singer-songwriter Cataldo played some bubble gum folk in MusicNerd's living room last month—was breathtaking pretty.

Today, MusicNerd gets local musician Shiloh to lay down some angel-headed minimalist horn charts and secret vocals. MusicNerd met Shiloh at a  job where they were both conducting phone surveys with cancer patients.] 



He starts by playing a solemn bass line and loops it through a pedal. He puts down the bass, picks up a trombone and plays a sustained note which also loops. Then another note making a chord. Soon there is a thick fictional horn section backing his meditations.

Much of it is improvised. Every time he plays the song, the chord he creates as a bedrock is different. The dense hypnosis—part Modest Mouse's "the Moon and Antarctica," part old world symphony—is a one man trance.
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