Extra Fizz: Godden Endorses Licata Opponent Jessie Israel

By Josh Feit May 20, 2009

[This is an updated post. It was initially posted at 11:59.] 

City Council candidate Jessie Israel—running against longtime incumber Nick Licata—picked up the endorsement of one of Licata's council colleagues this month: City Council Member Jean Godden. 

Godden also donated $150 to Israel's campaign.

Godden endorsed King County Parks employee Israel at a May 10 Israel fundraiser at political consultant Cathy Allen's house in Queen Anne. Godden didn't make a speech, but worked the room telling folks she was in Israel's camp.


I've got a call in to Nick Licata's camp to get his reaction to the slight dis from his colleague. 

And here's what Godden just told me: 

"I've known Jessie for as long as I've known Nick. I admire her, and I think she'd be a great addition to the Council now or in the future."

Godden let me know that Licata failed to endorse her. Twice: In Godden's initial 2003 run when he endorsed incumbent Judy Nicastro and (after Godden beat Nicastro) in her 2007 reelection bid against lefty Joe Szwaja. (Licata did not endorse Szwaja either, but Godden points out that a Licata aide contributed to Swaja's campaign.)

Asked if her Israel endorsement—Godden's only endorsement so far—was a little bit of revenge, Godden said no, but she wanted to let me know Licata hadn't endorsed her (twice) as "a little bit of context."

Godden reports that she met Israel in 2002 when they were part of a women's group—Center for Women and Democracy—working to encourage female candidates in Muslim countries. They were working in Morocco. (Godden was a writer for the PI
at the time.) Godden remembers fondly that the pair got stopped by immigration because the Moroccan officials were suspect of the box of T-shirts the group was transporting. The T-Shirts said "Yes We Can" in Arabic.

Godden adds that she agrees with Licata on lots of issues—she cited civil rights and culture issues—and says her Israel endorsement isn't about ideology, but about her "admiration" of Israel.

Asked if she might also endorse her council colleague Licata, Godden says "he hasn't asked."
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