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By Josh Feit April 1, 2009

Magazines? Not so relevant anymore. 

But there was a time when magazines like Time, Newsweek, Life and Rolling Stone turned people into cultural symbols and scripted the public conversation. 

Those days are gone, but Newsweek has had a run of cover stories over the last month (think: "We are All Socialists Now") that have been conversation starters, zeitgiest-y, a touch contrarian for the liberal media, and most important: Relevant.

This week's cover—with the concision of a bumper sticker— seems like the one they've been building toward: "Obama is Wrong. The Loyal Opposition of Paul Krugman."

Nice call. 

It also seems like what NYT columnist and Nobel Prize winner, Krugman, has been building toward himself.

I didn't  think a magazine like Newsweek could anoint anyone anymore, but this seems like a cultural moment. 


And certainly, don't judge a magazine by its cover. Here's the article.
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