Threats and Tweets. PubliCola Week #13.

By Chris Kissel April 18, 2009

The week in review. Take a sip. 


Rep. Deb Eddy reveals a threatening letter the teaches' union sent to legislators about the education reform bill.

NerdNerd is getting threatening messages on Facebook and MySpace.

The Economic Opportunity Institute says higher ed tuition increases threaten low and middle-income students. 

The Democrats continue to threaten Rep. Dave Reichert.

And more on the  threatening letter from the teachers' union.


FoodNerd searches for a new asparagus trick.

Education reformers send a letter to Gov. Gregoire warning that Washington State's share of education stimulus money may be at risk.

Forget an income tax or sales tax, Josh talks to state Sen. Ed Murray about the other budget paradigm shift.  


The Blue-Green Coalition in Olympia gets its first big win—they save the unemployment insurance bill after Democratic leadership teamed up with the Republicans to gut it.

What would Samuel Adams think?  A few thousand demonstrators have an anti-tax tea party on the Capitol steps in Olympia and decry "Socialism."

U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott mulls over his new estate tax bill.

State Rep. Jamie Pedersen  passes the domestic partners bill and drinks a cold Pepsi.

I get to turn my unhealthy Twitter obsession into PubliCola's newest daily feature.


"OMG Obama" on Pirates.

The Democratic state Senate passes the Education Reform Bill while angry Republicans line up with the teachers' union to oppose it. 

The Blue/Green coalition goes underground.

MusicNerd on Tiny Vipers and Y2K Godzilla folk rock. 


A bonanza of posts.

In order: 1) Josh wants to know who the Republican legislator of the year is; 2) Peter Steinbrueck is not running for mayor; 3) FilmNerd is still on her Ramin Bahrani kick; 4) Josh boasts that all sorts of fancy people are reading PubliCola and pimps for ads; 5) we update the WEA story (and the angry comments keep pouring in); 6) a new SportsNerd appears out of nowhere with sage (and profanity-laced) predictions on the NBA finals; 7) the state legislature screws consumers one more time; 8) Obama taps some more Seattle talent—this time for Under Secretary of Agriculture; 9) our weekly installment of PubliCola TV on the D.C. delegation; 10) God speaks to Mark Driscoll and—thank God— Mark Driscoll Twitters about it; 11) finally, a tentative answer to the question about the Republican Legislator of the Year; and 12) the legislature screws over the environment

Speaking of talent, Josh's video pick of the week:  


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