Medicaid Cuts Hit Hard

By Josh Feit April 24, 2009

The good news first.

The AARP (which looks out for the interests of senior citizens) had been warily anticipating a devastating cut to a state Medicare program that covers prescription co-pays for low-income seniors. The $12 million cut would have jeopardized 50,000 eligible people. The budget, released today, preserves the co-pay program. The budget also keeps a $7.2 million Medicaid program for hearing and vision intact. 

But the good news is upended by some bad: The same group of people—low-income seniors (so, both on Medicaid and Medicare) will get hit by a $20 million, or 70 percent, cut to adult day health programs. About 1,000 out of 2,000 people covered by the Medicaid program will lose out. And the budget hits the same group again with $32.6 million cut to home care programs.  

Finally, these same folks are getting hit with a $7.3 million cut to dental coverage.

Here's the budget summary. The healthcare numbers I'm talking about in this post are on page six.
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