Reports of His Demise are Premature

By Josh Feit April 14, 2009


1. Despite Tim Eyman's mounting losses at the polls (last he year he got spanked once again when his bill to sabotage HOV lanes lost statewide), rumors of his demise are premature. Last month, Eyman's sugar daddy, investment executive Michael Dunmire, donated $300,000 to Eyman's latest, I-1033, an initiative that would cap government growth.Dunmire's gift, brings the group's total to $324,000 raised according to the Public Disclosure Commission. Dunmire's money immediately went to pay for signature gatherers. 

2. Education reform lobbyists hit Olympia in full force yesterday, meeting in turn with House Speaker Rep. Frank Chopp (D-43, Wallingford) and Senate Majority Leader Sen. Lisa Brown (D-3, Spokane). Chopp reportedly told the reformers the education reform bill is dead because the reformers failed to reach a compromise with the tachers' union. Brown reportedly told the reformers she's interested in passing a bill.

3. King County Council Member Larry Phillips raised nearly $80,000 last month in his campaign to be the next King County Executive. That doubles what he raised in February, his campaign boasted yesterday—and it's about $30,000 more than his Democratic Party rival, King County Council Member Dow Constantine, who raised about $50,000. (Full disclosure: Constantine's campaign spokesperson Sandeep Kaushik is a contributing writer and colleague here at PubliCola) 

The race isn't officially partisan, but Phillips and Constantine are the two candidates vying for King County's liberal voters, while the other candidates, state Sen. Fred Jarrett and former KIRO host Susan Hutchison, are vying for moderate and conservative voters respectively.

4. The state legislature passed gun control legislation yesterday. However, it's not the holy grail gun control legislation  that gun control advocates have been trying to get the Democratic majority to pass for years now (the legislation that would close the gun show loophole). It's a bill that would prevent people who have been involuntarily committed from getting guns. 
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