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By Josh Feit April 2, 2009

Gov. Chris Gregoire released a statement today answering the question (what about an income tax?) that State Senate Majority Leader Sen. Lisa Brown raised yesterday.

The Governor said: 

“I recognize the tremendous difficulties that legislators are facing as they craft a budget under these challenging economic conditions. However, as I have stated before, I do not support a state income tax. The new proposal will undoubtedly raise constitutional and legal challenges and probably wouldn’t bring in new revenue in time to address the economic crisis we face.   

“I too wrote a budget, and I am keenly aware of the painful choices we must make. I see clearly the faces of Washingtonians hurt by budget cuts.  I am looking for wise choices to protect our vulnerable, especially our children, and to make sure we fund K-12 and higher education at appropriate levels so that we come out of this recession stronger. We can’t afford to just ride out this economic crisis and wait for things to turn around.  We must emerge from it ready to resume our powerful progress in a 21st Century economy." 

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