I'd Be Worried

By SportsNerd April 22, 2009

Opening weekend was fantastic. Here is the run down of every matchup so far:

#2 Celtics v #7 Bulls (Tied 1-1)

If there is one thing Boston proved last year, it's that every playoff series Paul Pierce is in will be taken to heart stopping extremes. Last year it took the full seven games to take down Atlanta and Cleveland in the first two rounds, and now the suddenly-competent Bulls look poised to take this to another seven. I'll admit that I underestimated Bulls rookie Derrick Rose coming into the series, but who predicted that he would score 35 in his playoff debut against the defending world champs, breaking the rookie record for points in a debut playoff game?

And the next game was even better. In the final minutes, Rose blocked a Paul Pierce jumper and the Bulls pulled ahead with 12 seconds left. The Celts took it up court, screened for Ray Allen, who missed a potential winner as time expired in the previous game, but nailed this one for three. Complete disaster averted.

Unfortunately KG's backup, Leon Powe, tore his ACL and will be out for the rest of the series. This is dangerous, as the Bulls have a ton of young, athletic big men and now the Celtics are down to just janky mid-season pickup, Mikki Moore. If I were a Celtics fan, I would be very worried.

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#1Lakers v #8 Utah (LAL 2 – UTH 0)

#1Cleveland v #8 Detroit (CLE 2 – DET 0)

Gamblers everywhere are thanking the Lakers and Cavs for being predictable. Utah is just too hurt to compete and Detroit, one failed fourth quarter rally is not going to get you back in the series. Really, I just feel sorry for Tayshaun Prince who, as the only star of the Pistons not receiving AARP magazines, has to guard LeBron all by himself.

#4 Portland v #5 Houston (Tied 1-1)

Sometimes playoff experience does matter? Case in point poor Portland, who came out tight and timid, let Yao go nine of nine in the first half and got torched by Aaron Brooks. (never thought I'd write that sentence) Ouch.

At least they recovered in game two. They fronted Yao, and LaMarcus Aldridge had a nice comeback game with 27 points and 12 rebounds. The real hero was, of course, Brandon Roy who lit up the rockets for 42 points tying Clyde Drexler for the most points ever scored by a Blazer in a playoff game. But they only won by four. Can Roy do that every night? I'm still nervous that they lost home court in the opener because now they have to win at least one in Houston which is, ask the Jazz, very difficult. The Blazers need someone else to help Roy. Thats right Rudy Fernandez I am speaking directly to you.

#3 Orlando v #6 Philadelphia (PHI 1 – ORL 0)

That dramatic finish, the way the 76ers all came together after Andre Iguladala's winner; if Philly ends up pulling this series out from under Orlando the first game will be noted as the moment basketball came back to the city of brotherly love after the post-Iverson malaise.

#3 San Antonio v #6 Dallas (Tied 1-1)

I was feeling proud of my Mavs upset prediction, Dirk and Co. stole the first game in SA and now just need to win all of their games at home where they were 32-9 this season. Tony Parker single handedly beat the Mavs in the second game, but I don't think he can do that for three more games, espcially in Dallas.

Sadly, Dallas backup, Erick Dampier, said the following: "My first foul Thursday night is going to put [Tony Parker] on his back...I guarantee it." Thats the sort of thing movie villains say! Movie villains never win!

#4 Atlanta v #5 Miami (ATL 1 – MIA 0)

Sure D-Wade's Heat got killed on the road the first game of the series but the same thing happened to Wade in the finals in 2006. I see Atlanta winning the next game and going up 2-0, then getting cocky and getting swept in Miami. Do you want face Wade in a pivotal game 5? Didn't think so.

#2 Denver v #7 New Orleans (DEN 1 – NO 0)

Chauncey Billups hitting eight threes is never a good sign for your playoff hopes. Denver crushed the Hornets who had little else but Chris Paul to throw at the Nuggets. The positives for the Hornets? At least James Posey played lock down defense on Carmelo Anthony, limiting him to 4 of 12 shooting. If they can find away to slow down Billups maybe they can get back in the series.
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