Guess Who's Reading PubliCola

By Josh Feit April 17, 2009

If you want people in the know to know about you, advertise on PubliCola. 

After just three months on the scene, look at some of the 300 insiders who are already following us everyday either on Twitter or Facebook (or both):
KUOW Producer David Hyde

KIRO-7 News Anchor Julie Francavilla

King County Council Member Dow Constantine

Seattle City Council Member Sally Clark

Seattle City  Council Member Jan Drago

Seattle City Council Member Nick Licata

Mayor Nickels' Lobbying Director, Emelie East 

Mayor Nickels' Counsel to the Mayor, Regina LaBelle

State Senate Democrats Legislative Director Colleen Kerr

AP Reporter Brian Slodysko

Stranger News Editor Erica C. Barnett

Stranger News Writer Dominic Holden

Local Political Consultant Christian Sinderman

Local Political Consultant Blair Butterworth

Local Political Consultant John Arthur Wilson

State Rep. Marko Liias

State Rep. Zach Hudgins

State Rep. Geoff  Simpson

State Rep. Scott White

State Rep. Brendan Williams

Not only will you make a splash with the insiders who are addicted to our site, but by advertising with PubliCola—the first online news publication in state history to get full-fledged press credentials in Olympia—you’ll also be supporting our effort to pick up the slack as the traditional print media drastically scales back political coverage.




Just contact our ad guy,  Gabe Meyer, for advertising details. His email is linked in our staff box.
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