DCCC Hits Reichert on Recent Votes

By Chris Kissel April 3, 2009

Two press releases put out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this week target Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA,8) for recent votes on middle class tax cuts and excessive Wall Street bonuses. The releases continue a campaign against the congressman that began this year with the DCCC's slams against Republican reps, based in ideologically divided districts, who voted against the stimulus bill.

The first release hammers Reichert for voting against a budget amendment that would have, among other tax measures, exempted middle-income wage earners from the alternative minimum tax, an IRS mechanism originally designed to counter some tax exemptions claimed by the highest income bracket. Reichert voted with the rest of Washington State's GOP delegation (as well as the entire Republican party, minus two abstentions) on that amendment, which passed with the House

The DCCC is also calling Reichert out for voting against a bill that gives the US treasury secretary the power to determine whether bonuses given to bailed-out corporate CEOs are "unreasonable," and to stop those bonuses. Same story as the tax amendment--Reichert voted with the state's Republican delegation and with the GOP nationwide.

The DCCC launched a fresh campaign of anti-Reichert press releases, TV commercials and robo-calls right at the beginning of the current session, finding early fodder--and an issue they're likely to capitalize on in 2010--in Reichert's "no" vote on the stimulus package.

Rep. Reichert's office couldn't be reached for comment this afternoon.
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