Budget Questions

By Josh Feit April 9, 2009

The state Senate Democrats have set up an on-line budget Q&A where the public can pose questions about the budget to Senate Majority Leader Sen. Lisa Brown (D-3, Spokane). 

The public picks the questions they like the most by voting on their favorites, and Sen. Brown will field those. 

There's 15 questions up now, including: 

"Why isn't more Federal Stimulus money going to the Seattle metro area to deal with traffic congestion? What is the State's view on the value Seattle adds to the Washington economy and our ability to attract and retain growth industry employers?""


"You talk about "income tax on the rich to fund K-12", but frankly our State's K-12 education is far from world class. If we give you this new revenue what will you deliver in return: Merit Pay, Charter Schools, or just maintain the status quo?"

 Kirkland, WA 

"Is there any plan to make more hard data about state government spending, performance etc readily available to the public in order to inform public discussion and decision making that is not purely based on ideology, lobbying or other biases?"



"When is the legislature going to wake up and realize we have a revenue collection shortfall problem that cannot be resolved by regressive taxation structures that affect one class of resident more than another, as a sales tax does?"

Redmond, WA 

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