Breaking News: Half of Seattle's Reps Support Making Seattle Property Owners Liable for State's Viaduct Price Tag

By Josh Feit April 22, 2009

The House just passed an unprecedented amendment for a state road project: Locals (Seattle property owners in this instance) will be liable for any cost overruns on the Viaduct tunnel.

Seattle's 12 representatives split on the amendment. 

Chamber: HOUSE          2009 Regular Session    
Bill No.: ESSB 5768  Docs
Description: 826 CLIBBORN PG 2 LN 3
Item No.: 28
Transcript No: 101
Date: 4-22-2009

       Yeas: 49   Nays: 47   Absent: 0   Excused: 2
Voting yea:     Representatives Angel, Appleton, Blake, Campbell, Chase, Clibborn, Cody, Conway, Darneille, Dickerson, Dunshee, Ericks, Finn, Goodman, Green, Haigh, Hudgins, Hunt, Hurst, Jacks, Kagi, Kelley, Kessler, Kirby, Liias, Linville, Maxwell, McCoy, Miloscia, Moeller, Morrell, Morris, Nelson, O'Brien, Ormsby, Orwall, Pedersen, Pettigrew, Quall, Rolfes, Seaquist, Sells, Springer, Takko, Upthegrove, Van De Wege, Wallace, Wood, and Mr. Speaker (Chopp)

Voting nay:     Representatives Alexander, Anderson, Bailey, Carlyle, Chandler, Condotta, Cox, Crouse, Dammeier, DeBolt, Driscoll, Eddy, Ericksen, Grant-Herriot, Haler, Hasegawa, Herrera, Hinkle, Hope, Hunter, Johnson, Kenney, Klippert, Kretz, Kristiansen, McCune, Orcutt, Parker, Pearson, Priest, Probst, Roach, Roberts, Rodne, Ross, Santos, Schmick, Shea, Short, Simpson, Smith, Sullivan, Taylor, Walsh, Warnick, White, and Williams

The bill itself passed 53-43 soon after. Weird (or boring): Majority Leader Rep. Frank Chopp (D-43, Wallingford)—who forced the anti-Seattle amendment on the caucus (and voted for it)—voted against the final bill. 

As Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-36, Queen Anne), who voted against the amendment, pointed out to PubliCola yesterday: Seattle is already putting up $1 billion toward the project.

The state has pledged $4.8 billion, including $400,000 in tolling revenue.
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