2009 Defined, Pt. 2

By Josh Feit April 29, 2009

Yesterday, we summarized the legislative session in Olympia by posting Rep. Eric Pettigrew's (D-37, S. Seattle) stalled sales tax bill and its list of $230 million worth in health care programs for children and low-income people that will now going unfunded. 

This year's session pivoted on a basic debate about our tax system and the role of government. Rep. Pettigrew's bill, gunned down after it passed out of committee, was the High-Noon showdown in the debate.

Another bill that also got gunned down by House leadership (this one actually made it out of the Senate 25-24), was one that would have prevented workers comp money from being spent on political ads.

Conservative political committees have been accused of abusing the workers' fund to run attack ads against Democrats. (The issue read to me like the Democratic version of the Republican battle against automatic union paycheck deductions in the late 90s.)

The fact that House Democrats couldn't move a bill that would stymie the GOP attack machine out of their own caucus—is also a defining moment. 

I've got call into several House Democrats to find out why they voted against their own self-interests. Perhaps the caucus at large is learning from the Seattle delegation.

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