I remember interviewing Speaker of the House Rep. Frank Chopp (D-43, Wallingford) (back when we were still on speaking terms) about I-695. I asked him how he responded to liberal constituents who were angry at Democrats for reinstating I-695, Tim Eyman's $30 car tab, after a court had thrown it out. 

I was struck by how god damned passionate Speaker Chopp became defending the decision. He got sorta mystical and said the legislature had no business tossing the people's will. (I think he must have run a low-income housing initiative back in the 1970s. I do know that as a young man he ran a campaign in Bremerton to revoke the licenses of social clubs that didn't admit blacks.)

I mention all this because I'm curious how Speaker Chopp feels about the bill that came over from the Senate last week (now in the House Technology, Energy, and Communications Committee) that undoes I-937, the renewable energy initiative. It was passed by the people in 2006. 

Here's what Melinda Ellis-McCrady, the House Democratic Caucus spokeswoman (so, Speaker Chopp's spokeswoman) just told me:

"He understands members from both houses are working on a proposal that will significantly change the bill that came over from the Senate, and that he's looking forward to seeing it."

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