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By FoodNerd March 24, 2009

During the lead-up to Spring Break, I had rehearsed multiple scenarios and hatched many grand plans—reading all of Infinite Jest, doing yoga and running everyday, going to the market daily, finishing minor house repairs.  And most importantly, finally putting the six—count ‘em six—chicken carcasses in the freezer to good use and making soup stock. Lots of soup stock.

But now I’m into Day Two of my Break and any interest or inclination to check items off a list has subsided. Aside from leaving the house to run, the only other transitions I have made are from bed to shower and bed to couch. I have lost all motivation.  

And that’s okay. But what should I eat?  Soup—though a relatively simple and rewarding endeavor—feels unfulfilling. 

I want to graze. To create dishes that can be enjoyed in the moment or nibbled on throughout the day.  I don’t want to plan. I don’t want to work. The best solution: Scale back and return to comfortable simplicity. In the time it takes to boil water for tea, I can make a satisfying bowl of miso. 

My current favorite leafy green—red chard—can be chopped, sautéed, and tossed with salt, pepper, and vinegar in ten minutes. What’s more: I could throw it into the soup, eat it on the side, mix it with rice or noodles. With a bit more energy and intention, I can make lentils that will last me the week. That limited menu feels like more than enough.  

The carcasses will continue to freeze and wait.

[Editor's note: Last week's FoodNerd caused a little stir over on BlogRola star, The C is For Cocina. Apparently The C didn't approve of FoodNerd's scrambled eggs recipe.]

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