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By Josh Feit March 13, 2009

Local blog star Hugeasscity says PubliCola is "the go-to source for Oly action."

The gang at Seattlest is turning to PubliCola for the news.

And even the MSM—The Spokesman-Reviewis digging our coverage.

Take a sip. PubliCola's week in review: 



Sierra Club lobbyist Craig Engelking with a Green colleague in the Capitol. The Olympia Blues.



Former Sonic James Donaldson sets up a committee for a possible mayoral bid

State Sen. Majority Leader Sen. Lisa Brown (D-3, Spokane) writes an opinion piece in the Seattle Times explaining why the Senate is set to undo I-937, the voter-approved renewable energy initiative. We do our best to correct her misleading statements. 

TechNerd does his best to help you survive the recession. Every Monday, Glenn Fleishman is TechNerd.



Every Tuesday, FoodNerd is FoodNerd

Sate Rep. Sharon Nelson (D-34, W. Seattle) passes a bill to regulate payday lending.

U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA, 9) pushes for more diplomacy with Syria

Green activists are blue as the state Senate gets set to pass a faux carbon cap bill and undo I-937



The Seattle Times plans to pick over the PI's remains.

The Democrats disappoint education activists (and Obama): The State senate's education reform bill falls short of education stimulus money guidelines

The Democrats disappoint the unions: Citing what they call an unethical union threat, Gov. Chris Gregoire and the Democratic leadership table a workers' rights bill. But Bill sponsor, Rep. Mike Sells (D-38, Everett, Marysville), wonders why the union's lobbying is any different from Boeing's. 

The Democrats disappoint the environmentalists: Four of Seattle's six state senators vote 'Yea' as the Democrats undo I-937. 



It's cut off day in Olympia

PubliCola's CorrOspondent, "OMG!Obama," says R.I.P. G.O.P.

After a week of big losses in Olympia, environmentalists say fuck it—and go get drunk

It's MusicNerd Thursday, and MusicNerd gets personal.



PubliComix, PubliCola TV, and it's Friday: FilmNerd

Yes, it's Friday: Love is a ring, the telephone.

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