Fitting Inside Her Puppet Theater Frame

By MusicNerd March 5, 2009

I've never really been charmed by the every dude rock persona with their sweatshirts and “we just started this Michigan band to get laid” myth. Rock music as blow job delivery system is just not that interesting.

Tune Yards (or tUNe YaRDs maybe?) does not have this problem. Almost every facet of the band seems rooted in deep conceptual history. Tune Yards is an inventive one- woman show of ukulele and virtuoso vocals over home made beats.

Why the ukulele? Well she started playing the ukulele because it was the only instrument that would fit inside her puppet theater frame when she did a solo puppet show called the Fat Kid Opera. What was the Fat Kid Opera about? “I started it in college when I got obsessed with the metaphor of adults eating children.” Shit yeah!

But a concept is nothing without compelling tunes. And that's where Tune Yards really shines. When she hits the ukulele it is the perfect complement to her off kilter beats and history. 

Take "HATARI." She winds herself warbling, speeds it up a then kicks into a drunken guitar loop. Its all ecstatic and on the brink of collapse, and when you think about a puppet show about adults eating children it all makes sense.

Tune Yards Plays at the Healthy Time Fun Club on April 10th

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