Surprise: Larry Phillips Not Sold on Sims' "Caretaker" Idea for KC Exec.

By Josh Feit February 2, 2009

King County Council Member Larry Phillips isn't convinced that outgoing (as in, leaving) KC Exec Ron Sims' has the right advice for the Council. 

As we reported earlier today in the context of the breaking news that Sims is, now officially, taking a job with the Obama administration at HUD: Sims thinks the Council should appoint an interim "caretaker" who pledges not to run for the spot in November. That way, Sims reasons, the Council won't be deciding for the voters who should be the next KC Exec.

Phillips, who wants badly to be the next KC Exec (and has been jockeying to get the interim appointment in recent days) says he understands Sims' POV, but he also thinks there's wisdom in appointing someone who's "ready to lead now." Phillips points out that we are facing serious economic trouble and "it might not make sense to wait" until next January to have the future leadership in place. 

Phillips didn't say flat out that he's still going for the appointment, though. He said he's going to sit down with his colleagues and discuss both options. "I'm good either way," he said, reminding me that he was "in it."

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