Shy Diva Triumph

By MusicNerd February 5, 2009



So this is kind of a lazy poster but Lykke Li is so drop-your-sno-cone-with-delight fantastic that I'm willing to forgive. In fact, I must go to this show.

Li and producer Bjorn "Mjollnir" Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John) create tight singles from pop contradictions: The songs are sparse anthems and Ms. Li is a shy diva who sings, "I think I'm a little bit, little bit, little bit in love with you/but only if you're a little bit in luh-luh-luh-luh-luh love with me."

I really like this band guys.

The beats are simple which serves as both a polite rebuke to the pummel crunk of bands like Justice and reaffirms every stereotype we have about the Scandinavian music scene (Sweden is to sugary-pop as Norway is to fuck-metal).

Ms. Li sings catchy hooks over pattering hand percussion and precise instrumentation that makes you wonder how the Kylie Minogue dance queen concept has been made so quiet and so compelling. But it's not all chart topping deconstruction, basically its just solid pop music. 

There is also the illicit joy of watching something tenuous wobble. If Mr. Yttling was slightly less strict in his minimalism or Ms. Li less cautious with her affected vocals, the whole thing would quickly collapse into a truly awful new age spoken word jumble. And sometimes it does fail, like on the cringe-worthy opening track, "Melodies & Desires," which just capitalizes the triumph when the formula pays off.

Monster single "Dance Dance Dance" is that triumph. The bass alternates between two notes, some bearded dude plays a conga and a cowbell, and Li sings a melody that's impossible to forget. On February 13, Li will play this song of dance floor romance, minimalist details, and saxophone, and the Showbox will lose its collective shit and you will be lucky to be there.

PS: I know the show is really far away but it is going to sell out fast, so you should really get on purchasing tickets.

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