Seattle is Blessed by Talbot Tagora

By MusicNerd February 26, 2009

Talbot Tagora claims to do drugs now.

There is a real romance to the Smell, LA's hippest all ages venue. It is non-profit and completely volunteer run. It has a vegan snack bar. It's all played with an honesty which is not generally associated with LA and a nostalgia for mid-80's Sonic Youth zine living: remember when DIY didn't mean Soulja Boy sitting at home making hood jingles with fruity loops?

But here is the really exciting thing. We have the Internet (!) and DIY does mean Solja Boy sitting at home making hood jingles with fruity loops. The Smell Scene can become a meme and we get blessed with a band like Talbot Tagora; Seattle's own reaction and expansion of that idea.

Talbot Tagora play in all the Abe Vigoda approved Smell scene signifiers. Frantic cymbal heavy drums, guitar lines that spiral in and out of themselves and vocals that are so washed out that you know they are saying something cool. But it's more than repetition. Where like minded bands lean toward tropicalia or wordless orgasms (Ponytail), Talbot Tagora brings fugazi's brooding punk fury. And in their best moments they all shout together, the guitars build and build and its the New York underground circa 1985 all over again—expect, you know, with text messaging and shit.

Talbot Tagora play at the Holy Mountain on March 7th.

Here's their myspace.

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